Inside the box,
Out of the chip

Design completed MVP for your startup Manufacturing your full working prototype  Your Design Debugging and Optimization  Expand your prototype to Mass Production

Inside the box,
Out of the chip

Designing your MVP prototype Manufacturing full working prototype Design and Update of existing design Expand your prototype to Mass Production


Dynamic & Innovative Hardware Design Company

We are focusing on building hardware prototypes and existing designs debugging and optimization.

We are leading you to the next step – visualize your idea to reality, and help you to get the full working  product for mass production.

Let us build it for you! 

Let your product take over the market.

There is a one!!!


Kaptech for Startups:

We are focusing in start up companies in early and up stages.

  • Designing completed MVP  for your Start Up 
  • Manufacturing your full working prototype 
  • Re-Design and Update of existing design to full working System
  • Expand your prototype to Mass Production product

We are here to get you to the next step. Ready?

Design competed MVP for your Start Up

Kaptech converting your idea to reality!

Manufacturing your full working Prototype

Kaptech  provides you full design prototype development and production cycle

Debugging and Optimization of your Design and updating it to full working System

Kaptech will help you to find any bug of your system and re-design it according DFA and DFM rules. You will get full working system!

Expand your Prototype to Mass Production

Kaptech will prepare and lead your company to Mass production stage of your product

Kaptech lead you over full development and production cycle to full working product!

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