Inside the box,
Out of the chip

Inside the box,
Out of the chip

About Us

Kaptech is a dynamic and innovative development company.

We are focusing on Embedded Systems, IOT and different engineering projects. KapTech providing cost and time effective solutions for development projects.

Kaptech delivers the best design to cost solution for its customers. We are experienced to handle a complete project, from initial concept through the design and prototype phases of requirements, design documents, and implementation, all the way to the final product delivery.

We are flexible company and can involve to the project in different prototype stage of development.

Logic Design

Kaptech provides logic and schematic design for all the disciplines required to fulfill the specifications, including analog, digital and programmable devices . 

Layout Design

Kaptech  provides professionally placement and routing of the PCB (printed circuit board), with dedicated attention to all the critical lines supplies and devices, analog and digital, and taking care of EMI, delay and impedances of transmission lines, etc. We are specialized on any board technology Rigid, Flex-Rigid and Flexible boards.

PCB Production

Kaptech Company, provides a full range of Printed Circuit Board Technologies for the High Reliability Market. 

Kaptech working with one of the industries leaders to solve complex design issues. With volume capability from quick-turn prototypes to high-mix complex production runs. We can serve most of the needs of its customers within its main factories locations in China and Europe.

PCB Assembly

Kaptech provides complete manufacturing solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Considered the leader in technological know-how in the field of electronic assembly, we provide high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few prototype units.

Our Products

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