Logic Design

Project logical flexible design by client parameters ORCAD, Concept HDL or Altium.

  • Optimized design based on size, power consumption, reliability and cost limitations
  • Fully documented design process
  • Particular expertise in analog and embedded circuit design including:
    • Noise analysis and signal to
    • noise optimization Sensors – Light, Sound, Magnetic, Touch, Temperature, Ultrasonic, ECG etc.
    • Embedded systems design – MSP430,PIC, ATMEL, 8051, STM32, WiFi and Bluetooth SoCs modules
  • Circuit analysisusing analytical methods and LTSPICE/TINA/Microcap simulation
  • Design under safety rules like, EMC,  etc.) and radio standards (FCC, R&TTE).

Layout Design

Kaptech using the largest facility of its kind using Cadence and Altium tools for PCB layout.

Our long term practice in PCB design and Layout provide immediate feedback during the design stage, reducing the time-to-market, and enhancing fabrication and assembly yields for high-end design-for-manufacturing boards.

Our experienced team providing high quality, and design ingenuity in creating complex, high-density, high-speed PCBs.

  • High-speed digital, analog, mixed and RF designs
  • High-density interconnect > 600 pins / sq. inch
  • High layer-count boards: 20+ layers
  • Control impedance/delay matching
  • ASIC evaluation boards
  • Motherboards, high-speed serial backplanes, single-board computers
  • Component library development and maintenance
  • DFM/DFA testing (VALOR)



  • 75/75 line/space – ultra high density
  • Sequential build-up (blind, buried, mixed materials)
  • Special technologies such as Bookbinder, silver shielding, buried substrates, etc…

Thermal Dissipation & CTE

  • Heat sink applications (internal & external)
  • Heavy copper construction including selective coin insertion
  • Specialized laminate utilization


  • Sequential buildup 4+N+4
  • Min.Hole Diameter
    • (Drilling/PTH)  φ0.20mm (8 mil)
    • Blind hole  0.15mm(6 mil)
  • Via on the pad 0.15-0.4mm
  • Min.Trace Wide&Line Space 0.075mm(3 mil)/0.075mm(3mil)
  • Blind, buried, staggered & stacked
  • Via fill, POVIP, Micro via fill

RF & Microwave  

  • Full PTFE™ multilayer buildups
    Mixed material (FR4/Aluminum/Rogers) including Rigid & Rigidflex
    Specialized technologies including cavity, isolation, precision geometries & finishes


Our manufacturing equipment and facilites has been carefully selected and optimally deployed to meet prototype, new product introduction (NPI), low and high volume requirements. Advanced manufacturing and production systems at Kaptech ensure rapid delivery, while our capable experience provides complex technological solutions and customer consulting.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • 0201s
  • Micro BGA/QFN
  • COB
  • CSPs
  • MEMs/MCMs
  • BGA reballing and rework
  • Double-sided, mirrored BGA assembly
  • Fine pitch, high pin count press fit connectors
  • Flip chip
  • RoHS Compliant   

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