Design your MVP prototype

Transfer your idea to real prototype with real  hardware components

  • Top Down project definition for Hardware, Software and Mechanics flow
  • Hardware Logic and Schematic Design 
  • Software creation for prototype embedded system
  • Prepare your prototype to  production

Manufacturing your full working prototype

We are using our long term practice and  deep knowledge stuff to bring your prototype to another stage

  • Transfer your prototype to real hardware design
  • PCB board Layout of all prototype parts
  • PCB boards manufacturing according to DFM rules
  • Component engineering and purchasing
  • Boards assembly and prototype testing on real environment

Re-Design and Update of existing design to full working System

  • Identification design hardware and software problems 
  • Looking for low cost solution of all identified issues according to DFA and DFM rules
  • Updating or Re-Design Schematic pages and PCB boards if required 
  • Mapping and Re-writing Low Level software bugs of prototype if required

Expand your Prototype to Mass Production

  • Prepare the design to low cost mass production cycle
  • Component engineering for design minimization and low cost production
  • PCB re-design according to new components database and according to mass production rules
  • Mass production process accompaniment through all manufacturing and assembly processes 

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