Design your MVP prototype

Planning your MVP with real hardware components

  • Top Down project definition
  • Logic and Schematic Design 
  • PCB Design and Production
  • Prepare your prototype to mass production

Self-presentation toolbox for startup

We are using our long term practice and  deep knowledge stuff to bring your start up to another stage

  • Create your One-Pager / One paragraph / One Line  / 3min pitch
  • Set your target market
  • Set your potential clients / customers / audience
  • Build your presentation
  • Target your market / audience / investors
  • Build your target customers profile
  • Target and expand your potential markets 
  • Target your best potential investors

Robot Kits

  • Educational STEM kit for beginners
  • Refined Tutorial in CD: HD rendering instructions on how to assemble the robot car from scratch
  • Contains all required modules parts including obstacle avoidance, line tracking module, infrared remote control 
  • All the module interface has been modified with XH2. 54 ports as to make it much easier and convenient to assemble the model
  • All Kits based UNO R3 Arduino controller board

Networking and connections - partners / investors / users acquisition

  • Finding your specific market
  • Finding your audience
  • Finding your investors

Let's Create Something Great